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Product Support

Need product support with a recent order? Check out the product page FAQ tab for your model to see if your question has already been answered or contact us.

Return/Warranty Claim

Need to make a return or need to file a warranty claim? Head over to our Warranty / Return page for additional information.

Presale Consultation

Contact us if you need help selecting the product best suited for your needs. You may also check out our Guides section to find resources to help you understand our products better.

Need Additional Support?

  Call us at 1.714.870.6888 or send us a message. When calling for technical support, the representative may require additional information such as the model number or RMA number (if applicable). The model number can be found on the ratings plate, which is a silver or white sticker commonly found on the back of your unit or on the packaging. Please have this information ready during the call for a better support experience. Contact us here.