1U 15A Surge-Protected PDU 15 Outlets, PDU-R1514MS

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The Surge-Protected PDU is a network-grade device expand the number of outlets from a single power source while protecting connected equipment from harmful transient surges and built-in circuit breaker protects the PDU from overload. The 1U height mounts horizontally in any standard 19" server rack.


Typical Applications
IT racks
Data centers

Server rooms
Network wiring closets
Security systems

Audio & video racks
Surveillance racks


Main Features
(14) Outlets
Conveniently power multiple devices from one power source.

19-inch Rack at 1U Height
Fits standard rack cabinets with a low profile at only 1U.

Surge Suppression
Protects connected equipment from power surges.

Overload Protection
Protect against an overcurrent, which can cause permanent damage to the PDU by exceeding the rated current of the PDU. If this occurs, turn off the PDU and remove devices causing the PDU rating to exceed. Then reset the circuit breaker.

Network-Grade Build
Heavy-duty aluminum alloy casing distributes power evenly, good corrosion resistance, and heat dissipation.

14AWG Power Cord and Strain Reliever
Heavy-duty power cord and strain relief prevents stress and damage on the power cord to deliver power safely.

Flexible Mountable Design
Mount outside rack cabinets, under-counter, wall mount, or work bench.

LED Status Indicator
LED will illuminate to indicate power is ON.

Warranty (US & Canada)
3-years with product registration. See the Warranty Policy and Terms and Conditions pages for additional information.


WARNING: This product can exposure you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

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What are the differences between the different PDU types?

Features Basic PDU Surge-Protected PDU Metered PDU Monitored PDU Switched NPM PDU ATS PDU MBS PDU
Power Multiple Outlets - Provides reliable power distribution to multiple devices from a single power source
Surge Protection - Protects connected equipment voltage spikes   ◐    ◐   
Current & Voltage Metering - On-screen display indicates load current and voltage to prevent overloads and help balance loads        
Remote Monitoring - Remotely control and monitor the PDU's power consumption, load current, voltage, and other information via network interface and send alerts to help minimize downtime            
Remote Individual Outlet Control - Remotely control and monitor each outlet on the PDU         ●     
ATS - Auto transfer switch has two input power sources so if one power source fails, the second power source automatically takes over to keep devices connected to the PDU powered            
MBS - Maintenance bypass switch redirects the power flow so that connected devices continue to be powered during UPS maintenance            

● All models have this feature
◐ Some models have this feature


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