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Common Questions

What is a UPS?
See answer here.

Why do I need a UPS?
See answer here.

How do I determine what size UPS to purchase?
See answer here.

What type of equipment should I not connect to my UPS?
See answer here.

Should I connect a UPS to each workstation?
See answer here.

Why do I need power management software?
See answer here.

How do I dispose of my non-working UPS?
Please take any non-working units or spent batteries to your local recycling center for proper disposal.

How often should I recharge UPS units in storage?
If you are not using your UPS, please recharge your UPS units to maintain the lifespan of the battery(ies) inside as follows:
UPS with 1 x 12V/4.5Ah or 12V/5Ah battery at least once every four (4) months.
UPS with 1 x 12V/7Ah or 12V/9Ah battery at least once every five (5) months.
UPS with 2 x 12V/7Ah or 12V/9Ah batteries at least once every six (6) months.

What is an automatic voltage regulator (AVR)?
See answer here.

Why do I need a sine wave UPS?
See answer here.

What is power factor and why is it important?
See answer here.


Cross-Reference Guides

*** Maruson OFF Line UPS Cross Reference
*** Maruson ON Line UPS Cross Reference


Select Chart
*** UPS Technology & Select guide

*** OFF Line UPS Select Chart 
*** ON Line UPS Select Chart

*** AVR Select Chart


Discontinued Series Support

Power Pro ALCD Series
Software download here.
User manual download here.
Brochure download here.