15kVA Servo Motor AVR, MGA-15KHV

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Capacity: 15000VA (15kVA)
Core: CRGO toroidal transformer with servo motor technology
Type: Class H dry type

• High precision and fast voltage correction without instant high voltage surges
• Input isolation transformer with voltage adjustment, surge suppressor, and noise filtering
• Zero-crossing control
• Microprocessor controlled for rapid response, lower power consumption, and better energy efficiency
• High efficiency, low energy loss, and low operating temperature
• SMT processing technology

The Mega AVR Series, with its revolutionary servo-motor type automatic voltage regulator with CRGO (cold rolled grain oriented) toroidal core transformer, boasts a myriad of features, all meticulously designed to safeguard against unpredictable voltage fluctuations that plague our electrical grids. In a world where sensitive electronics and electrical equipment are vital to business continuity and consistent, precise voltage is critical to ensure continuous operation or reliability. This series uses microprocessor controller, enabling rapid response for high precision, lower power consumption, and better efficiency for detecting and regulating voltage. This series is pivotal in industries and applications where precise, stable voltage regulation is critical to safeguard equipment from brownouts and over voltages, prevent data loss, and upholds the seamless operation of machinery production processes.


Typical Applications
Office equipment
Air conditioners
Manufacturing equipment

Lab equipment
Industrial automation
Motorized equipment


Main Features
Heavy-Duty Servo Motor Technology
Enables precise, rapid, and reliable control of the output voltage. The precision of voltage control, rapid response to voltage changes, and continuous monitoring and feedback in closed-loop control systems ensures the AVR can make constant adjustments to maintain the desired voltage level, ensuring connected equipment receive a stable power supply, minimizing the risk of damage due to voltage fluctuations. Servo motor technology also has dynamic performance characteristics, such as high torque at low speeds and consistent torque output across a wide range of speeds, enabling the AVR to respond effectively to sudden voltage change.

Input Isolation Transformer
An isolation transformer at the AVR input side provides an extra layer of protection to personnel and connected equipment by isolating the input and output sides. In doing so, there also no direct electrical connection from the input to output, which also protects against electrical faults, minimizes the risk of electrical hazards for personnel, suppresses noise and interference, and allows for better voltage regulation function for enhanced protection and reliable operation of sensitive electronic equipment.

Zero-Crossing Control
A comparator monitors zero crossing of AC signals for noise production at the switch point to delay switch time if needed to complete a full sinusoidal cycle to decrease the likelihood of high-frequency noise, harmful to motorized or sensitive electronics.

CRGO Toroidal Transformer
CRGO (cold rolled grain oriented) laminated steel toroidal core transformer increases the electrical resistivity of the core to reduce eddy current loss and increase corrosion resistance, thereby improving overall efficiency. The transformer is wound around a donut-shaped ferromagnetic core to create two magnetically coupled coils referred to as a primary coil and a secondary coil. When current flows through the primary, a negative magnetic field is created which drops when the voltage drops to near zero. As the output voltage of the primary coil drops to near zero, the secondary coil's magnetic field absorbs the current from the primary coil. Additional benefits from this type of transformer include:

• High-efficiency transformer
• Low energy loss / low stray magnetic field
• Low electromagnetic noise
• Low operating temperature
• Lightweight core
• Low off-load losses
• Longer lifespan of connected equipment
• Suitable for sensitive electronics

Class H Dry-Type Transformer
The transformer is dry type Class H with insulation designed to handle a maximum hot spot temperature or average winding temperature rise of 180°C when ambient temperature is 40°C maximum, enabling enhanced overload capacity, improved efficiency, and longer lifespan due to durability. The insulation rating ensures the transformer works safely and reliability even in high operating temperature environments or extended overload capacity situations while protecting against electric shock by suppressing electric noise in sensitive devices.

Microprocessor Control Technology
Microprocessors can execute complex algorithms with high precision and accuracy. When used in an AVR, it enhances the voltage regulation function by processing data to respond rapidly to voltage levels with precision and accuracy, ensuring the AVR can adjust the output voltage is within the parameters the AVR manufactured to as required for connected equipment protection.

Precise Output Voltage Regulation
A precise output voltage is most important for sensitive electronic equipment such as ones that require calibration.

Independent SMT Processing Technology
Manufactured with a dedicated SMT (Surface Mount Technology) processing equipment for optimized quality control, fine-tuned specifically for the order each AVR batch manufactured, reducing the risk of defects and errors during production.

Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS)
Safely service the AVR while keeping connected equipment powered for zero downtime with the built-in MBS to prevent inadvertent misoperation.

Overload Protection
Protects the AVR from an overload. If the circuit breaker trips, unplug a device before resetting the circuit breaker and turning your unit back on.

6-Second Delay Timer
Prevents an electrical connection for 6 seconds after utility power is restored to protect connected equipment from unstable power, and in the process prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

Graphic LED Display
Multi-color LED screen provides real-time, dynamic content delivery of information of the AVR status and the high LED brightness enhances visibility.

2-year equipment warranty. See Terms and Conditions, and Warranty Policy pages for additional information.
Model MGA-15KHV
Capacity 15kVA (15000VA)
Phase 1-phase in / 1-phase out
Transformer CRGO toroidal transformer, Class H dry type
Voltage 220 / 230Vac
Voltage Range 220Vac: 140 - 280Vac
230Vac: 150 - 290Vac
Frequency 50 / 60Hz (auto-sensing)
Inlet Terminal block
Voltage 220 / 230Vac
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Voltage Regulation +/- 1% to +/- 3%
Efficiency >98%
Outlet 1 x terminal block
Overload Protection Yes
Bypass Switch Yes
Over-Current Protection Yes
OverheatingProtection Yes
Over-Voltage Protection Yes
Under-Voltage Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Visual Display Colored graphic LED indicates Input/Output Voltages, Delay Time, Load Level, Fault, and more
Warranty 2-Year: Equipment Warranty. See the Terms and Conditions and Warranty Policy pages for additional information.
Installation Location For indoor, temperature-controlled location free of contaminants only
Cooling Built-in fan turns on when 30% or more of capacity is used. Fan stays off when under 20% of capacity is used.
Operating Temperature 0°C up to +40°C / +32°F up to +104°F
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Noise <65dB at 1 meter 
Housing Metal
Color Beige
Product Dimensions (DWH) 522 x 350 x 675 mm / 20.6 x 13.8 x 26.6 in
Product Weight 56.0 kg / 123.5 lb


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