12V 7Ah Lead-Acid Battery, BAT-U1270

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Voltage: 12Vdc
Amperage: 7Ah
Chemistry: Sealed lead-acid
Terminals: F2

• Strong sealing capability for electrolyte retention, gas containment, and protection against external contaminants
• Excellent electric current conductivity with low resistance, high conductivity, and low temperature dependence
• Deep discharge capability, long service life, low self-discharge rate, and maintenance-free design
• Made with sturdy, durable construction
• Recyclable to reduce environmental impact

The General Series battery is a modern hi-tech energy application product. When it is used in safe surroundings, maintenance free, and add water is not needed; it can be recycled repeatedly. With isolated seal, it is not limited to direction, position in place. It can be put in horizontal way, vertical way and side way, its safely and functions totally will not be affected. With special formula to manufacture lead calcium alloy as well as automatic processes, dangerous gas will not be generated. Long life, low self-discharge rate and high reliability. It has safety, low resistance so recharge is easy and energy output is more remarkable. Cycle or standby (or float) use.

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