5000VA Electric Relay AVR 8 Outlets, AVR-5000LCD

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Capacity: 5000VA / 2500W
Type: Electric relay
Regulation Steps: 2-boost, 1-buck
Outlets: 8

• Automatically steps-up low voltage and steps-down high voltage
• 2 / 30 / 180 seconds delay time selection
• Surge suppression
• Overload protection
• Network / phone / fax line surge suppression
• Overheating protection

The Micro AVR series is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level to protect sensitive electronics from brownouts and overvoltages. With microprocessor controller, it allows quick response for detecting and regulating voltage. The two-step boost and one-step buck voltage regulation steps provides a wide input voltage range for more constant, reliable power to connected equipment. Equipped with a time-delay function, this AVR will protect connected devices from power-back surges or compressors against any consecutive starts. The LCD screen can display the current statuses including the remaining delay time countdown.


Typical Applications
Personal computers / laptops
Networking peripherals
Printers / fax / copy machines

Small home appliances
VoIP phone systems


Main Features
(8) AVR with Surge Suppression Outlets
These outlets protect electronics by adjusting minor voltage fluctuations and offer protection from power surges to prolong the lifespan of your electronics.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
Automatically boosts or bucks minor voltage irregularities. By regulating the output voltage instead of cutting off power to connected electronics or from allowing these power disturbances from passing to connected electronics, the AVR prolongs the lifespan and protects connected equipment against spikes, surges, brownouts, minor overvoltages, and under voltages.

This AVR has two-step boost and one-step buck voltage regulation steps, allowing for a wider input voltage range before the power cuts out.

2 / 6 / 180 Seconds Delay Time
Delays the time power returns to connected equipment after cutting out to prevent overheating of compressors for motorized equipment and filters out as much "dirty" power as possible. Oftentimes, the power quality after a brownout or blackout is not "clean" power - the power is may have voltage or frequency variations, spikes, electrical noise, or other power irregularities that may shorten the lifespan of connected equipment over time. By allowing more time to pass after a power disruption before the AVR passes power to the connected equipment the power will be more stable and "cleaner" by the time the delay time ends.

Select shorter or longer delay time based on the connected equipment. It is recommended any equipment that is sensitive or has a motor inside be set to the maximum 180 Seconds delay time.

Overload Protection
Protects the AVR overload. If the circuit breaker trips, unplug a few electronics before resetting the circuit breaker and turning your unit back on.

High Voltage Protection
Protects connected equipment from sudden high input voltages by cutting off power to connected equipment.

Low Voltage Protection
The AVR will cut off the main power to connected equipment if the voltage level is too low. Low voltage may cause oscillation or other malfunction to equipment with the long-term effect of decreasing lifespan of the equipment.

Overheating Protection
The AVR will automatically shut down if internal temperatures are exceeded, protecting the AVR and connected equipment from short circuits and other equipment failures.

Network / Phone / Fax Line Suppression (RJ-11/45 Ports)
Protects telephone, network, or fax lines from line surges. Connect one line into the jack from the source and one line from the out jack to your phone, network, or fax line.

LCD Screen
Review current AVR status, delay time countdown, warning statuses, and more.

Warranty (US & Canada)
3-year equipment warranty with production registration. See the Warranty page for additional information.
Model AVR-5000LCD
Capacity 5000VA / 2500W
Type Electric relay
Voltage 120Vac 220Vac
Voltage Range 85 - 145Vac 175 - 290Vac
Frequency 50 / 60Hz (auto-sensing)
Inlet NEMA 5-15P straight plug UK / Thai / German
Output Voltage 120Vac +/- 10% 220Vac +/- 10%
Frequency Range (on Battery) 50 / 60Hz
Automatic Voltage Regulation Yes, 2-step boost and 1-step buck
Outlet 8 x NEMA 5-15R outlets
(4 x AVR & surge suppression; 4 x surge-only)
8 x Universal NEMA
(4 x AVR & surge suppression; 4 x surge-only)
Delay Time Yes, 2 / 30 / 180 seconds delay time selection
Network / Phone / Fax Surge Suppression Yes, RJ-11/45 combo ports (1-in, 1-out)
Overload Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Overheating Protection Yes
LCD Screen Yes, for Input/Output Voltages, Delay Time Countdown, Voltage Regulation, and more
Audible Alert Yes, for Overload and Overheating
Warranty 3-Year: Equipment Warranty. See Terms & Conditions and Warranty pages for additional information.
Color Black
Form Factor Tower
Product Dimensions (DWH) 250 x 150 x 157 mm / 9.8 x 5.9 x 6.2 in
Product Weight 7.0 kg / 15.4 lb


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