Our Story

Maruson [ma-rue-son] was founded in 2003 to create power management solution products across all consumer types. From homes to data centers, to enterprise solutions, Maruson provides quality uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery backup systems, power distribution units (PDU), automatic voltage regulators (AVR), energy storage systems (ESS), inverters, and more to offer a complete portfolio of power management products.

We believe in preparation to keep operations moving forward. Power outages due to storms, electrical grid outages, or accidents are unpredictable. Maruson has almost everything you need to give your critical connected electronics enough juice to weather the storm.


What is "Maruson"?

"Maruson" was inspired by the Japanese style of lean manufacturing called “kaizen”, better known as manufacturing based on continuous improvement or continuous improvement in manufacturing. Kaizen is a never-ending cycle to adjust, adapt, and overcome to change for the better. The word "maru" means circle or round in Japanese (“丸” symbol) and is a testament to our focus on continually identifying issues and finding solutions for improvement. The "son" in Maruson is symbolic of always being curious like a child, to be perpetually yearning for personal and professional growth.

As a company, our basic foundation is based on the belief that we are capable of reflecting, learning, and growing to be better at what we do, the products we have to offer, and the service that we provide.


Our Founder

In the 1960s, our founder grew up in Taiwan during a time when electrical grids were unstable and power outages were common. This sparked his curiosity to understand how electricity works, plus a pact amongst his brothers to all study the different branches of engineering. Captivated by the industrial boom in Taiwan at the time, he graduated from the National Taipei University of Technology with a degree in electrical engineering.

During Taiwan's industrial boom, he worked in leadership roles at several of Taiwan's top-ranking manufacturing and electronic companies that required him to immigrate to America where he embraced his new life. Fast forward years later, he envisioned fulfilling the last puzzle missing from his American Dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Through the support from his family, luck, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Maruson was launched to improve the lives of others by through the power of preparation and minimizing downtime with reliable, quality equipment in the event of power fluctuations.


Global Presence

Maruson products are available in over 50 countries around the world. We offer a wide portfolio of power protection equipment for the everyday consumer, custom products for projects, and white labeling clients.


Responsible Manufacturing

People are at the core of our products. This begins from sourcing from suppliers who are committed to treating their employees ethically and following sustainable practices for our future generations' quality of life. We believe we have a responsibility to adopt best practices in minimizing waste by investing in innovation to reduce our environmental footprint.


Commitment to Quality Manufacturing

Maruson products are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities to meet customer and regulatory requirements, consumer satisfaction, and strive for continual improvements. It is our belief in continuous improvement that households, businesses, and institutions continue to place their trust in our products.