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  • Automatic Voltage Regulators and Types
    Read about the function and purpose of an AVR and the different AVR technology offered at Maruson: electric relay, toroidal transformer type, and servo motor type.

    Using an AVR has many benefits to ensure stable voltage is fed to connected devices to protect equipment from unstable voltage, “dirty” power, to prolong the equipment lifespan, and seamlessly operation.

  • Lithium Batteries for UPS Systems
    Valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries have been the standard battery type used in UPS systems until more recently with recent advancements in lithium battery technology. These advancements have allowed the introduction of lithium batteries to be safely deployed in UPS systems with many advantages that make clear lithium batteries are the better alternative to lead-acid batteries in future UPS development for long-term sustainability.

  • UPS Buying Guide
    An uninterrupted power system or UPS provides battery backup and protects your equipment during power outages. In order to buy the best UPS system for your needs, it is important to check specific ratings to make sure the system works for you. Some of the important output ratings you should consider are explained below.

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